Trademark Registration is the Strongest Protection for Your Brand

Registering your brand as a trademark is crucial for building a strong brandawareness of your products or services. It is also a core element needed to protect your business from any potential infringements and is a powerful instrument to block the entire business of unfair competitors related to your brand.

It is not only a brand name or a logo or a combination of both that brand is made of. Slogans, product design, brand colours, and melodies – all add their own value to the brand recognition. Any of these variations can be registered as a special type trademark.

Needless to say that a registered trademark can be legally possessed, licensed, assigned, contributed in kind to the share capital, pledged as collateral in exchange for the monetary asset, used to attract investments and many more.


Trademark definitionAny signs represented graphically, words, personal names, designs, letters, numerals, shape of goods or packaging, provided they are capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from those of other.
Registration type optionsRegistered with trademark/patent office, such as EUIPO – EU Intellectual Property Office (regional registration) or national trademark/patent office of selected country (national registration) and witnessed by trademark certificate
Territory of protectionRegional protection (EU registration) or
National protection in a selected country
Duration of trademark10 years + indefinite renewals = unlimited
Renewability after validityYes, perpertual, every 10 years (if remains in continued use)
Maintenance durationIn few countries (annualized)
Maintenance renewabilityIn few countries (every year, official fees)
Registration speed6-12 months (country-specific, given no objections or oppositions are filed)
Notice symbol® (‘registered trademark’)
Eligible items
(objects eligible for trademark protection)
Wordmarks: brand name, domain name, slogan (words, letters, characters or numbers)
Figurative marks: logo without words, letters, characters or numbers
Combined marks: logo with words; word logo in graphical style (without images)
3D marks: 3D product or packaging model
Other marks: sound mark (melody, ringtone), colour per se mark (colour sign)

Our Offer

To protect your brand (as a word name or logo), slogan or branded melody in any country of Europe and the CIS or the European Union as a single zone, see our Trademark Protection package with full description of what you get for a single all-in price.

Trademark Protection Package

Standard all-in price includes:
Registration with regional or national trademark/patent office of selected country
Official fees for filing, examination, publication, registration, certificate issue
Power of Attorney, representation before registrar
Full availability search with analysis and recommendations¹
Application, filing, formal correspondence, notifications
Sending e-version of trademark certificate and official online reference to the client
Obtaining and checking paper certificate or its certified copy
FREE сourier delivery of certificate (original or certified copy)
FREE advice on trademark registration procedure
JurisdictionsNumber of
Figurative, combined, 3D mark³
European Union (28 EU states)1€ 1890
€ 1990
Germany3€ 1450€ 1590
France3€ 1250€ 1350
Italy1€ 1350€ 1390
Czech Republic3€ 990€ 990
Russia1€ 1390€ 1450
Kazakhstan3€ 990€ 1090
Uzbekistan1€ 1690
€ 1790
Other countriesRequest quote
Includes identity and similarity search in up to 45 Nice classes and up to 4 words in one trademark (further details sent upon request). Additional classes start from €50/class. Please request quotes indicating classes or industries involved, countries and type of registration, etc.
In jurisdictions, where registration and certificates are officially made only electronically with no original paper certificates issued.
Legal defenses in case of oppositions or objections are not included.

Special offer to reduce cost in Uzbekistan up to 2/3 times available on request.

Please do let us know if you have any questions on trademark basics, trademark registration procedure, want to learn how to legalize your rights for your own brand, know the benefits of trademark registration and drawbacks of trademarks as a type of intellectual property. To contact us, use our contact form or write to trademark[at]