Intellectual Property Strategy

Effective intellectual property protection is about well-chosen strategy and understanding all the intricacies of the complex world of intellectual property. Having the prices and conditions for certain type of protection at hand not always works for the benefit of the client.

This may be the case, for instance, when the client is confident that the best way to protect their company’s logo is to register it as a trademark. At the same time, the client may not be aware of all the benefits their logo may have with copyright protection as a much cheaper and quicker alternative with international power and yet having no less strength than the trademark in many instances.

We strongly believe that the best solution is always the one, which is finely balanced when all the available alternatives, conditions, recommendations (of the service providers), and costs at each step are taken into consideration on an individual basis. To let our clients take best-suited IP decisions, we developed a special IP protection comparison table with sufficient details that will be handy for each IP decision.