Who We Are

IP Agent Pro is an intellectual property agent dedicated to delivering superior professional services to companies and individuals from around the globe interested in protecting and promoting their brands and products in Europe and the CIS.

Whether you are a company seeking to register your trademark and promote your brand or product in the market or an individual willing to start up your own IT project based on the original software product or an author of your own music or written works, IP Agent Pro is here to give you a proper advice on how to effectively protect and manage your intellectual property.

Geographic Rationale

Our clients benefit from our advantageous location in the very heart of Europe, at the crossroads of economic ties, trends and cultures. Our location in Prague gives our customers a privilege of access to efficient and effective communication and understanding of cultural diversity of the European states. Czech Republic has been truthfully renowned for its steady economy, political stability and a great work-life balance, the values that are fundamental and particularly essential nowadays.

Deep historical roots and current state of economic cooperation between Europe and the CIS explains huge potential and a need to boost cross-border business between the two regions of one continent. The Commonwealth of Independent States or the CIS that emerged following the collapse of the Soviet Union is a fast growing economy of 11 states with great potential for steady development, new opportunities, sales markets, and on the other hand ever growing appetite for advanced technologies and solutions.

Thanks to our established network of partners and agents across the EU and CIS, we deliver our services professionally, at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time. With 10-year experience of our local experts, you may rest assured that your special inquiries will be handled carefully with due professionalism and maximum efficiency.

Jurisdictions we work in

IP Agent Pro works in almost 50 jurisdictions across the Eurasian continent. These include:

Below is the full list of all the jurisdictions we work in.

European Union (EU)

1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Bulgaria
4. Croatia
5. Cyprus
6. Czech Republic
7. Denmark
8. Estonia
9. Finland
10. France
11. Germany
12. Greece
13. Hungary
14. Ireland

15. Italy
16. Latvia
17. Lithuania
18. Luxembourg
19. Malta
20. Netherlands
21. Poland
22. Portugal
23. Romania
24. Slovakia
25. Slovenia
26. Spain
27. Sweden
28. United Kingdom

Commonwealth of
Independent States (CIS)

1. Armenia
2. Azerbaijan
3. Belarus
4. Kazakhstan
5. Kyrghyzstan
6. Moldova
7. Russia
8. Tadjikistan
9. Turkmenistan
10. Ukraine
11. Uzbekistan

Other jurisdictions

1. Georgia
2. Icelnad
3. Liechtenstein
4. Macedonia
5. Monaco
6. Norway
7. Serbia
8. Turkey
9. Montenegro
10. Switzerland