Copyright protection is easier than you thought

You have a unique opportunity to register your copyright remotely. You don’t need to visit a patent office, a lawyer, a notary or any other official institution to copyright your work. All you have to do is to contact us by just letting us know your interest in copyrighting your work.

The original paper certificate of copyright (in addition to an official digital copy) is issued by a highly reputable international copyright registrar. The copyright certificate is recognized in your country and other countries of the Berne Convention (including all EU countries and all CIS states).

It takes three simple steps to register your copyright:

Contact us directly at copyright[at] or by simply filling out our Contact Form to let us know that you are interested in copyrighting your work.

We will send you a special form with very simple questions to fill out and ask you to send us a copy of your work. We will also send you a Power of Attorney to sign, which will empower us to represent you before the copyright registrar in all registration matters.

We will take care of the rest and in no more than 3 working days we will send you the original copyright certificate – both electronically and by international courier mail (the original registered paper version).

As a SPECIAL BONUS, you will also receive 250 numbered original copyright notice labels. These are registered self adhesive sticker labels that state that your work is registered and the copyright registration number. You can use the labels to attach to you work as an additional deterrent against copyright infringement.  By displaying the notice, you demonstrate that you are aware of your rights as a copyright owner, you take copyright seriously, and you have very strong evidence with which to pursue a case if your work is infringed.


Copyright definitionRights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. Copyrightable works range from books, music, paintings, sculpture, and films, to computer programs, databases, maps, advertisements, and technical drawings
Registration typeRegistered with copyright depository and witnessed by copyright certificate
Territory of protectionInternational protection in 176 countries of the Berne Convention
(including all member states of the EU – 28 countries and the CIS – 11 countries)
Duration of copyrightAuthor’s life + 50/70 years *
Renewability after copyright durationNo
Copyright registration term5 or 10 years (at your choice) **
Copyright registration term renewabilityYes, for the next 5 or 10 years (at your choice)
Registration speed1-3 working days (+ certificate delivery time)
Notice symbol© (‘copyright’)
Eligible items
(objects eligible for copyright protection)
Commercial designs: logo, label, packaging, product design, promo, letterhead, etc.
Artistic works: painting, photo, drawing, architecture, sculpture, etc.
Literary works: book, commercial document, manual, leaflet, article, song lyrics, etc.
Audiovisual works: musical work, sound recording, film, video footage, etc.
IT works: computer program, source code, website design and content, database, etc.
Publishing materials: magazine, periodical, catalogue, etc.
*In most countries (almost all EU states) endures for the ‘life of the author plus 70 years after the author’s death’. In few countries (e.g. in Uzbekistan) this term equals ‘life plus 50 years’. For certain works (sound recordings, published editions, etc.) protection is reduced to 25/50 years, depending on the country of origin.
** Copyright registration term is the term when the copyright registrar keeps your copyright work in its database. Prolongation of the registration term is not necessary but may be critical for copyright protection. For instance, when you are facing copyright disputes or court proceedings. In these cases you may obtain a registrar’s confirmation that it keeps your work on file. However, once the copyright registration term is over, no confirmation may be issued by the registrar.

Our Offer

To protect your copyright for any design (logo, product, label, packaging, etc.), website, program code, texts, audio-visual or any other copyrightable works in a smartest, easiest and yet affordable way, see our special Smart & Easy Copyright Protection package with full description of what you get for a single all-in price.

Smart & Easy Copyright Protection Package

Special all-in price includes:
Registration with highly reputable UK based copyright registrar
International protection in 176 countries (including EU and CIS)
Registration fee, including first 5-year maintenance
Power of Attorney
Taking over representation before registrar
Naming advice, classification, adaptation to the required format
Eligibility check, data check, all necessary paper work
Up to 500 Mb of storage data per eligible item
Secure encrypted storage of copyright data
Sending electronic copyright certificate to client
Obtaining and checking original paper certificate
FREE 250 numbered original copyright © notice labels
FREE courier delivery of certificate and labels to your country
FREE advice on copyright management
Regular package price per eligible item€ 279
Our SPECIAL OFFER (you save 30%)€ 195
(offer valid until April 10, 2019)
Upgrading maintenance up to 10 years€ 69
Maintenance renewal for the next 5 years€ 139
Maintenance renewal for the next 10 years€ 189
Enlarging storage data per each extra 500 Mb€ 29

Have questions on copyright basics, copyright registration procedure, and copyright protection? Want to know about the benefits of copyright registration and drawbacks of copyright as a type of intellectual property? Write to us to get your copyright advice for FREE. To contact us, use our contact form or write to copyright[at]