Industrial Design:
What You Should Know Before You Apply

Industrial Design Definition

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN (or simply a DESIGN) is an appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation

Registration Authority

Industrial design is registered with Patent Office and witnessed by (industrial) design certificate

Territory of Design Protection

Regional protection (EU registration) or
National protection in a selected country

Registrable Designs
(eligible for registration)

2D designs: logo, product label, tag, website design, computer icon, technical drawing, ornamentation, get-ups, map, typeface, etc.

3D designs: product design, packaging, product parts, set of products, composite product, etc.

Registered Design Symbol

Ⓓ – registered design (not popular but may well be used)

Registration and Post-Registration Timeline

Duration of design rights
5-15 years (country-specific)

Registration time frame
4-12 months (country-specific, given no objections or oppositions are filed)

Renewable on expiry?
Yes, up to 25 years

Renewability intervals
Usually every 5 years (subject to official fees)

Industrial Design Protection Package

Industrial Design Protection Package

Standard all-in price¹ includes:

  • Registration with EUIPO (EU registration) or national patent office of selected country (national reg.)
  • Official fees for filing, examination, publication, registration, certificate issue
  • First set of maintenance annuity fees for the first 3-5 years (country-specific)
  • Power of Attorney, representation before registrar
  • Application, filing, formal correspondence, notifications
  • Sending e-version of design certificate and official online reference to the client ²
  • Obtaining and checking paper certificate or its certified copy ²
  • Courier delivery of certificate (original or certified copy) ²
  • FREE advice on industrial design protection

2D design – € 1 590
3D design – € 1 690

2D design – € 1 390
3D design – € 1 490

2D design – € 1 490
3D design – € 1 540

2D design – € 1 490
3D design – € 1 520

2D design – € 1 550
3D design – € 1 550

2D design – € 1 320
3D design – € 1 320

2D design – € 1 320
3D design – € 1 320

2D design – € 1 590
3D design – € 1 590

2D design – € 2 950³
3D design – € 2 950³

¹ Legal defences in case of oppositions or objections are not included. Preliminary design search for prior rights is an optional service. Due to its complexity and high level of manual work, this service is not in high demand.

² In jurisdictions, where registration and certificates are officially made only electronically with no original paper certificates issued. For these countries, no paper certificates may be sent to clients by courier mail.

 ³ Special offer to reduce cost in Uzbekistan up to 2/3 times available on request.

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